• NV Spline Tools – version 2.0 update

    I have just released an update to my NV Spline Tools package, adding some new features that people asked about, and fixing some minor bugs.

    New in version 2:

    • Now uses instanced static meshes for “Between Segments”, “Periodic”, and “At Points” modes
    • Can now be called at run-time via the “Build Spline Mesh Sequence” function
      • It will re-use the previous components as much as possible to improve performance
    • Added the option to specify the Mobility of the created components
    • Added the option to globally override the curve type of the points in the spline
    • Added the option to automatically drop the spline points to the closest surface under them
    • Added the ability to use separate sets of meshes for the start and the end of the sequence
    • Fixed a bug where the choice of last segment in a randomised sequence did not use the random seed
    • Fixed a bug where the sequencing of meshes would be off if more than one series of meshes used it

    NV Spline Tools is available on the Unreal Marketplace

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